Extra Curricular Activities During the School Year

The Early Learning Center at MTCS doesn’t just shape the minds and spirits of PK3 and PK4 children. We’re also here to help expand their physical abilities. The programs we offer can help develop their coordination, balance, flexibility, strength and teamwork skills. But that’s not all. Regular activity has the power to sharpen their thinking and focus, making them stronger students.

The following programs are offered right here, so there’s no need to drive all over town.

Tumbling: This 45-minute class is taught once a week by Little Kicks throughout the school year (from August to May). This basic skills class teaches forward rolls, backward rolls, cartwheel, handstands, throwing, catching and much more. The cost is just $35 per month. To learn more, please contact Jamie Mitchell, the owner of Little Kicks, at 615-513-5324 or littlekickstumbling@yahoo.com.

Additional activities: From August through November, we also give students the opportunity to participate in flag football and cheerleading. We provide more information at the start of the school year.